Guest post:Views on Covid-19 and employment

[This post is written by Dr.Sushmita RK. A dentist turned Scientist, she has a post-graduation degree in Public Health. She believes in holistic lifestyle. She belongs to Food_lover group.]

COVID-19 a pandemic of such a magnitude has spelt a huge disaster for the world robbing people of their jobs. It has glued people to their homes resulting into mass unemployment. In India, 93% of workforce are operating informally according to Economic Survey 2018-19 and so now facing adverse effects of the lockdown as they do not have any buffer stock to atleast feed themselves.

Daily wage workers, labourers are the worst sufferers due to lack of food and shelter and fear of staying at place and moving to their home towns to survive. Private sector employees are no far from disaster as they are on a verge of losing their jobs.

Many companies are deducting the salaries of their employees to survive their cutting costs, this is a reason why most of the employees are panicking to lead their lagging loans, commitment, etc. This fact of reduced salaries or unemployment will result into depression, anxiety, emotional strain, along with psychiatric symptoms. Socialism was one factor which was a buffer to reduce the strain caused by unemployment but COVID-19 has resulted into social distancing too. So the impact of psychiatric symptoms can be understood. Therefore, it will be a Herculean task for policy makers now to fix the unemployment situation.

One thing COVID has taught everyone, no one has the power to discriminate between people when nature takes its turn. Not only the poor people are suffering but even the well-off are worrying about the same situation.

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