Are you having disturbed sleep? Novel coronavirus pandemic and Sleep

Globally, everyone has been influenced because of the pandemic crisis and lockdown series. Since this lockdown has begun, I tried a lot to maintain routine in hope of soon returning back to office. Due to this thought I preferred to sleep early and wake up as usual at 7.30am. However, then the extensions to the work from home and increasing cases lead to lagging me behind my daily routine. Gradually, I decided to take a help of alarm just before the joining day, hoping that I can set up my alarm clock and then get back to the earlier body clock. There are studies on impaired immunity resulting from sleep disorders. Therefore, sound and refreshing is necessary blessing for all of in this pandemic period.   

I felt sleepy at around 8pm, that’s when I start preparing our dinner. By the time we had food and retire to bed, I was in wide awake mode. Then, I use to struggle for 2-3 hours post-midnight and somehow with lot of difficulty to get my sleep. I ended up starting late next day. I was frustrated about it and then tried to work on it. Now, I am sure that I had sleeping problems. Our life is disrupted due to changes in schedules. There are barely anchors to time track the passed time and keeping aside certain priority. This leads to lagging the tasks and procrastination of work. Majority of the women face challenges of managing household chores and doing office parallelly. There are many instances when we have to work even after the working hours. It’s become new normal. Sometimes, you have less workload then tendency to oversleep will become a habit. This will cause laziness, irritability and lack of focus on work.

What are the reasons of Sleep disturbances-

1.Anxiety and fear of infection to self or loved ones who are in vulnerable group

2.Economic worries and employment related concerns for livelihood

3.Too much of information and media usage. It can be related to covid 19 challenges in management or social media entertainment.

What we should do and avoid for sound sleep?

I started taking care of following things-

  • It’s very valuable to spend time on exercises. We can even choose to go for a walk. After the reduction in some restrictions for lockdown and if climate permits just go for it but with due preventive measures of social distancing and mask. Or else we have the internet to conveniently guide simple exercises at home.
  • Watch your screen time. We can set time for browsing specific shopping and social media sites and strictly follow rule for getting involved in it.
  • The video call and phone should have decided the time span and the topic of discussion must be noncoronavirus related.
  • We should avoid use of gadgets after 9pm.
  • The stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine delay our sleep. Preferably, we shouldn’t have coffee or tea after 6pm.
  • Take power naps but not more than 20mins during the daytime. It’s a very important thing we have to pay attention to when others are absent to cause any disturbances and you take time off from the screen.
  • Get in bed at a specific time daily. Keep a notepad next to your bedside and write down things that you worry about just before sleep. It will help you draw solutions for it on the next day.
  • If you still don’t get sleep then read a book or listen to soft music.

After staying compliant to these things “Sleep Goddess” will bless us with relaxing and soothing sleep. It will heal us mentally and physically. As proper sleep is very important for brain function and immune response. A night of good sleep will help us to stay healthy and be sharp in activities. It reduces depression and improves our mental health. It keeps our mind calm and enhances mood positively. Again, sticking the time trends for meals, tea breaks, and waking up is essential. It is but obvious to have a stricter bedtime. We MUST decide fixed light off timing and getting in bed trying to sleep. But make sure at this time no gadgets are switched on. We start from waking up with an alarm and then eventually body sets up exactly at the same time daily irrespective of which day it is of the week. Lastly, if you don’t get appropriate sleep even after these tips and failed attempts contact your family doctor.

3 thoughts on “Are you having disturbed sleep? Novel coronavirus pandemic and Sleep

  1. Leena Gaikwad July 2, 2020 — 9:26 pm

    Very important and useful topic, as everyone has a disturbed sleep schedule since the lockdown.


  2. Good information about night sleep many people’s worried about pandamic covid 19.


  3. Informative blog for our healthy life …👍👍

    Liked by 2 people

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