COVID-19 Prevention and Ayurved

Hello Srujan blog fans!! Welcome to our new article about Corona pandemic and Ayurvedic perspective !
Today all around the world only one topic is being discussed , and that is CORONAVIRUS. Everybody is concerned only about one thing, will I get caught in the grip of virus ? All medical and paramedical staff are taking strict precautionary measures to avoid spread of virus amongst general public.

About Author: Dr.Prasad Gokhale
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As we know this virus spreads primarily when people are in close contact and a person inhales small droplets produced by an infected person (symptomatic or not) through coughing, sneezing, talking, or singing. Also, airborne transmission can occur in healthcare settings where specific medical procedures generate very small droplets – aerosols.
But yet one thing is unclear about the virus. It may be found in breast milk, but it’s unknown whether it’s infectious and transmissible to the baby.


World health organisation (W.H.O) has issued guidelines about the prevention of Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is following these guidelines as per their own capacity:

  • Maintaining overall good personal hygiene; washing hands; avoiding touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands; coughing or sneezing into a tissue and putting the tissue directly into a waste container.
  • Wearing a surgical mask in public, physical distancing measures to prevent transmission.
  • Staying at home and avoiding social gatherings, gyms, non-essential travel to and from areas affected by the outbreak.


Worldwide every government is stressing upon screening of their respective public. A number of laboratories and companies have developed serological tests, which detect antibodies produced by the body in response to infection.The virus has already spread within communities in large parts of the world, with many not knowing where or how they were infected.

Hence, there is need of taking extra precautions at every individual level. Following guidelines issued by Indian Government’s AYUSH ministry and as per appeal made by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji, use of AYURVEDA has become need of hour .


Here are guidelines shown in image, issued by Indian Government’s AYUSH ministry
to boost immunity and prevention of COVID 19.

[The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (abbreviated as AYUSH) is purposed with developing education, research and propagation of indigenous alternative medicine systems in India.]



One of these above guidelines includes drinking AYUSH KWATH . You might be thinking … Here comes again bitter, not-so-good tasting same old Ayurvedic decoction. Now I have to roam around every corner of the city so as to get few sticks of those ingredients !!! wait… here comes the twist … What if I told you that all ingredients are actually in front of our eyes! Yes.. in your home itself! crazy na…
Just get into the kitchen , grab utensils, pour 200 ml drinking water and let it boil. Throw a dash of black pepper, a quarter tablespoon of turmeric, dried ginger powder, cinnamon. Pluck 5 to 6 leaves of Tulsi from your balcony… Now don’t say that your balcony is without tulsi… Even my patients from 5 continents send me selfie with their tulsi plant in the balcony with #Holy herb.
Stir the mixture and let it reduce half the quantity. Sieve and enjoy a cuppa of Ayurvedic Tea!

Don’t forget to send a selfie in the comments section!

If you find it troublesome in making this kwath following your expertise in the kitchen (Yes .. Yes… I know 21st generation citizens, No time and all…) here you will be amazed with awesome fact, AYUSH KWATH is available in the form of DISPERSIBLE TABLETS too! why can’t someone tell me Ayurveda is way far advanced, exactly understanding your needs and to fulfill the same naturally.


If you are taking these tablets, take 1 tablet in a cup of warm water and put 1 tablet . Stirr and drink . You can take this twice a day after meals . Also jaggery or fresh lemon juice can be added for more flavours.


Now moving forward let’s find out what are health benefits of this AYUSH KWATH.
AYUSH KWATH is combination of 4 main herbal ingredient as we have seen .
1) This makes the kwath immune-booster and helps body to fight against different types of viruses, bacterias and protects our body against opportunistic infections.
2) Antioxidant
3) Good for digestion
4) Gives strength to our respiratory system


Here are some instructions before starting this Ayush kwath-
Alcohol, smoking, spicy or salty foods must be avoided. If there are any existing diseases or acidity problems, consult with your nearby doctor. In case of pregnancy visit your Gynecologist before starting this kwath.


In current scenario, the covid19 pandemic is increasing. Hence there is need of using Ayurvedic prevention regimen and to boost our immunity power .
Ayush kwath is suitable for everyone including children. Especially those who are commuting to and fro from home to workplace , people who come in contact with others and those who are suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes etc.

To sum up , the foundation of any country is its public. History has shown that if people determine they can overcome every difficulties that fall upon nation. We have thriven amongst all living organisms successfully for centuries and will do so till the end of time! Once again we will fight together on our fragile planet and make it beautiful as always, once again we will reach out in deep spaces of universe and carry along our human legacy to those mighty stars and tell them how we fought bravely against this COVID 19 pandemic!!!

Paths from dreams to success does exist, may you have the vision to see it and perseverance to follow it…

( Kalpana Chawla).

Many diseases like corona virus pandemic will come and go only to increase our patience and perseverance … Because


(Reference and image sources: wikipedia, AYUSH ministry webpages, Pixabay, ToI)
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Remedies mentioned are according to Ayush ministry guidelines. Not for treatment of covid 19. If you have cold, cough, fever, breathing difficulties, visit to your nearest registered health care center.

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