Climate change: Let’s act before its too late

The World Environment Day 2021 has theme “Re-imagine. Recreate. Restore.” This day was first observed in USA, 1974. Every year theme are designed to create awareness and promote countries to adapt the strategies for supporting the healing of climate change and maintained a balance in the ecosystem. The restoration of ecosystem involves healthier and richer biodiversity. It includes all kinds of ecosystem for instance fertile soil, air with lesser greenhouse gases, water sources having good yield of fishes ultimately which affect health of human beings.

Now everyone is aware about the man-made effects on ecology and the disasters that can occur due to damage we do to our nature. On one hand, the lockdown helped to better the air quality but on the other hand, tones of biomedical waste got created. It is very important to act over it in order to start process of reducing this. There are certain irreversible changes that have taken place. These changes need to reduced with smaller but remarkable changes. All of us experiencing warmest year and increasing uncertainty of climate. These climate changes have an impact on our farming and agriculture. We need to protect and harness ecosystem around us. This is possible only when we start from individual level and then take it further to larger groups.

The following changes can be done in our daily routine:

1.Measure the amount of water we can save, recycle and then do it:

The flush we use in toilet wastes around 10liters of water. So, we might get rid of it and save so much water in a day. Also, we can reuse the water used for cleaning vegetables, utensils for terrace garden. There are attempts in India to recycle this used water and then reuse it for washing vehicles. But we can utilize it for more purpose in our every walks of life.

2.Plant tree and seeds on every occasion of happiness

When we travel or go for stroll can carry few seeds of fruits and vegetables, we ate previous day. Then drop them on the open area and just ‘seek the sweet fruits of simple deed’. The act of sowing seeds such as mangoes, papaya, lemon will provide so many benefits from generation to generations.

3.Use of alternatives to fossil fuels:

We can take walk or cycle for going to market nearby. This will not only help us increase physical activity but also improve the air pollutants. Also, we may interact with more people surrounding us while a walk eventually building a better place to live. And all this will support mental and physical health simultaneously.

4.Prefer Vegan diet:

There are studies showing huge water wastage and increase consumption of fossil fuels for supply of meat. Dairy products. The increased fishing leads to disturb the ocean environment. But, taking into consideration the food culture of India and link with seafood we can follow fish calendar. This will prevent the fishing for type of fishes and manage according to their breeding time. In this we can continue consuming seafood with rethinking. Also, dark green vegetables are great source of micro nutrients. Therefore, the practice of vegan diet will promote us conserve nature in longer run. 

5. Counting the daily use of plastic and reducing it:

The wrapper of chocolate or cover of chips or even a milk bag, we unknowingly bring home so many things in plastic daily. We need to care about amount of plastic generated from household because there are industries, hospital topping this contribution with us. This wastage dumped near water resources clogs the water in monsoon or even grave consequences of floods for example one which occurred in Mumbai. Nevertheless, plastic remains in soil for many years and gives rise to serious illness when consumed by animals. Hence, we need to find ways to reduce our plastic use instead of generation of regulation for a mandate of zero tolerance for plastic.

The cyclone, untimely rains and newly emerged infectious diseases are the eyeopeners for all of us to act now. We need to make younger generation to be aware of environment conservation. There are simple steps every individual can inculcate in his/her routine. There is nothing very small or big contribution when we all work for our environment. Therefore, every contribution is a baby step towards better life and a better tomorrow.

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  1. Before it is too late – that is the motto. Thank you 😊

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