Ayurvedic Dhoopan: Air purification process

[Author: Dr. Prasad Gokhale, an international Ayurveda Physician and Panchakarma expert. Medical Translator for Russian,Japanese, German and Spanish. Contact: https://www.facebook.com/prasad.gokhale.988373%5D Today’s environment is more polluted as compared to earlier. The numbers of microbes in the air range from 10 to 10,000 per cubic meter. Air around us can get contaminated by such pathogens, which in turn results in many infectious diseases. Hence there is need of sterilisation techniques which are closer to nature, safe, effective and have less side effects. The term dhoopan means the action or process of disinfection or purification with the fumes (fumigation). It is used for disinfection of … Continue reading Ayurvedic Dhoopan: Air purification process

The COVID-19 lockdown and children with disabilities

Tanmay is a 4 years old boy, living with his parents in one of the underprivileged districts of Maharashtra. Since 2 years when Tanmay was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, his parents have been taking him for speech therapy, occupational therapy and follow up visit to pediatrician clinic. All these services as well as his paediatrician are based in a city that is 160 kms from their place, requiring Tanmay and his father to stay there for a week every month. Apart from this, Tanmay also goes to a pre-primary school near his house. Since the lockdown, all this came … Continue reading The COVID-19 lockdown and children with disabilities

Covid-19 and sex disaggregated data -Voice from India

Globally a daily surge is observed in cases of COVID-19.   There are varied reports on spread of infection. The information of hotspot areas of infection spread is shared through media. This might affect the perspective towards SARS-COV-2 infection. As we need to study the epidemiology of disease closely and results should be published to the community. This will pave path to design cost effective strategies and spread awareness of more specific preventive measures. These could be more specific and acceptable. Ultimately, having impact on the controlling the infection. The media flashing news updates of trends in the form of numbers … Continue reading Covid-19 and sex disaggregated data -Voice from India

COVID-19 and Caregiving to the Children with Disabilities

Although social distancing is advocated as the best strategy to avoid transmission, it might not be ideal for children and youth requiring therapy or assistance in routine activities.  Due to closure of schools, therapy centres and other care-giving services, these children and young people may experience significant hurdles in the access to clinical services and therapies. Even minor changes in the routine create difficulty in many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Caregivers may not be able to ensure the routine and their preferred activities during the pandemic time. These experiences may also intensify the perception of stigma and discrimination with … Continue reading COVID-19 and Caregiving to the Children with Disabilities